Special Guest: African Night Dance Fusion

In celebration of the 7th annual African Night Dance Fusion event ELEVN2HVN sits down with the show's producer and two musicians to learn more about this special night.

Listen to the full interview and performance below (performance starts at 11:30 minute mark). 

Full interview/performance - African Night Dance Fusion members on KXCI
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(Artwork credit: Diaspora Showcase)

Special Guest: The Carport Theater

Members of Tucson's Carport Theater stop by ELEVN2HVN to talk all things Breakdown Breakthrough- their 2019 spring show.

Find the full interview below.  

Interview - The Carport Theater on KXCI
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(Artwork credit: The Carport Theater)

Special Guest: Lukie D Promo Team

What is it like to work with an international artist for a local Tucson show? This Lukie D team- a show producer, a band member, and a social media consultant-  stop by ELEVN2HVN to share show details and why they enjoy working with this multifaceted artist.

Find an excerpt of the interview below. 

Excerpt of interview - Lukie D Promo Team on KXCI
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(Artwork credit: Lukie D)

Sally Roundhouse In Studio

By popular demand Sally Roundhouse came to visit ELEVN2HVN! As a local performer, writer, poet, and Casa Libre Executive Director, Sally is a busy human so we were very thankful for the time. We not only were lucky enough to get a live performance of four songs, but we also talk about what it's like growing as a performer, whether in the traditional poetry or music worlds.  Full interview and performance below.   is

Full interview/performance - Sally Roundhouse on KXCI
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(Artwork credit: Sally Roundhouse)

Time markers for Sally Roundhouse interview and performance:

0:38- welcome Sally!

3:43- Q & A with Sally

10:09- Sally live set #1 (three songs: Toaster Strudel, Wrinkle, Great Eye)

17:26- discussion about Toaster Strudel song

19:17- how Sally feels about performing live

25:00- discussion about being a "Skrappy's art kid" in Tucson

30:18- Sally live set #2 (song: Cricket)

32:29- discussion about Cricket song

33:04- future plans for Sally

34:57- Sally's inspiration tracks intro and discussion

39:51- final words from Sally


Special Guest DJ: Quaker Folk

Tucson artist,  Steven A. Cosand aka Quaker Folk, ruined us with this epic ELEVN2HVN stopover. We start at the beginning of how his current project Quaker Folk came to be,  get five tracks from the debut release, Harshest Piety, and an epic playlist of inspiration tunes that did the ELEVN2HVN heart proud .  We had a great time hanging out with Quaker Folk so this is a long one,  but a worthwhile journey.

Part 1: Interview and tracks - Quaker Folk on KXCI
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Part 2: Interview and tracks - Quaker Folk on KXCI
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(Artwork credit: Quaker Folk)

Time markers for part 1:

01:40- introduction and first set of songs from Harshest Piety, Covenant of Mercy and Blood Atonement

08:07- Quaker Folk interview

15:19- intro to first set of inspiration tracks (experimental artists)

22:46- second set of songs from Harshest Piety (Naught of Good and Lucifer's Brother)

30:10- Quaker Folk interview  continues

Time markers for  part 2:

00:00- second set of inspiration track samples (R&B artists) and discussion

03:55- the story behind the album artwork (how that Santa picture happened)

07:37- Quaker Folk's favorite song from Harshest Piety, Idumea

12:20- Quaker Folk discusses Idumea

13:44- discussion of third set of inspiration tracks (Country Western artists)

14:55- Quaker Folk discusses how Country music has helped shape their sound

20:10- discussion of fourth set of inspiration tracks (Hardcore genre)

22:30- future plans for the project


Special Live Guest: Jaime J. Soto

Ah! After days of begging him, Jaime J. Soto, let us talk about his music on the radio! We know we're supposed to be all hush hush about JaimeJ's secret non-radio life, but he just released his first full length album, FGGTFAILUR, so it's a cause to break some rules. We get him to share some of the artists that inspire him and some tracks from the album. (Main interview starts at: 11:30. Inspirational artists discussion: 04:00. Three track excerpt from FGGTFAILUR: 17:28.)

Interview and tracks - Jaime J. Soto on KXCI
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(Photo credit: Becky Stephenson on Facebook )

Special Guest DJ: Graesyn Spiers

Tucson musician and organizer for Grunge Night: A Tribute to Chris Cornell and Other  Fallen Stars, Graesyn Spiers, spins some grunge tunes on ELEVN2HVN and with the help of  fellow Melisma band member, Joke, dives deep into the details of this special tribute night.

Interview - Graesyn Spiers and Joke on KXCI
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(Artwork credit: Graesyn Spiers)

Special Guest DJ: Daniel Fury

Experimental electronic artist,  Daniel Fury (PHX), brought the tunes to ELEVN2HVN for a special Phoenix-Tucson-Phoenix-Tucson experimental music exchange show (full playlist: here). He also shared songs from his recent release, Frantic. Manic. Obsessive. Compulsive., and talked about making music in the Valley of the Sun. Listen to full interview and Daniel Fury's tracks below (interview starts at the 12:50 minute mark).

Tracks and interview - Daniel Fury on KXCI
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(Artwork credit: Daniel Fury)

Mullarkey In Studio

Before heading off to live in the Sunshine State, Mullarkey (of Run-On Sunshine and Watchable Wildlife) stopped by for a visit. We're so lucky and thankful! Listen to full interview/performance below (performance starts at the 13:00 minute mark).

Full interview/performance - Mullarkey on KXCI
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(Photo credit: James Dean on Instagram)

Friendships In Studio

Friendships, electronic/visual artists from Melbourne, stopped by ELEVN2HVN to chat about tour life, music, and making friends.

Nullarbor 1988-1989 is available now. Listen to full interview/performance below (performance starts at the 17:00 minute mark).

Full interview/performance - Friendships on KXCI
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(Photo credit: JaimeJSoto on Instagram)


The story: After leaving the Monday afternoon music mix JaimeJ was given the opportunity to create a show for the cool, sweet, late-night hours of Sundays on KXCI. He pulled a long time live music fan from the shadows of Tucson's smallest music venues and two local club DJs into the radio booth to help with the show. He told them to have fun and play their favorite music. The combination produced an eclectic mix of Indie, Hip-Hop, Pop, Electronic, and everything in-between. ELEVN2HVN was born.


Trainwrecking on the radio since September 2014. The show starts at 11pm on Sundays and goes until 2am on Mondays. Somewhere along the way the listener hopefully finds a little piece of their personal heaven.

Cast of characters (current and retired co-hosts):

  • JaimeJ (the dad)

  • Skye Shadowz (the concert-goer)

  • DJ E_Rupt (ultimate Keep Tucson Party guy; retired in 2016)

  • DJ B-Rad (beat lover extraordinaire; retired in 2015)

  • DJ Aunt Becky (the writer- about birds and music; sporadic ELEVN2HVN guest DJ and classic track trivia specialist)

Original ELEVN2VN logo created by DJ E_Rupt. Glitch art featured on this website is from Enad Yenrac.


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